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Welcome to the WORKman Blog.  Here you will find comments about the culture and implementation of FSA/EAM/CMMS systems based on our experiences. Feel free to submit a comment and to subscribe via RSS to the blog posts.

Another ITIL

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. If you are thinking that you should be putting some improvements in place ready for the new financial year then you have probably missed the boat. But all is not lost, because there is something you can do that will improve your business without incurring the cost of training, or new software, or some other CAPEX expenditure.

What I'm talking about is so sublime, so simple, so easily implemented, that it is ignored by professionals as not being "serious enough" and yet it brings astounding results.
Posted by Mark Chimes

It's all about people

Do you have a defined PM or PdM process in place? Not working out like you thought?

Procedures have no intrinsic intelligence of their own, and processes rarely fail; but people do. Regardless of how accurate your docmentation is, how precise your monitoring systems are, how flexible your scheduling is; the usual cause for a system failure can be found in your people; and it's NOT their fault.
Posted by Mark Chimes

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