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Welcome to the WORKman Blog.  Here you will find comments about the culture and implementation of FSA/EAM/CMMS systems based on our experiences. Feel free to submit a comment and to subscribe via RSS to the blog posts.

Preventative vs Corrective Maintenance

I have mentioned the magic of numbers in previous posts. Recently I read that HVAC manufacturers and maintenance professionals recommend that 70% of your maintenance budget should be spent on preventative maintenance and the remainder (30%) spent on corrective maintenance.

While this is an admiral goal, I have to disagree.
Posted by Mark Chimes

One smart Italian

Last week we mentioned the contribution Vilfredo Pareto made to economics, and indeed, to the world in general. It turns out that he was not a one hit wonder. No, he had a second hit. (Maybe there are more but we didn't bother looking). Very soon after the Pareto Principle, young Vilfredo came up with his Pareto Efficiency. What's that you say? We're glad you asked!
Posted by Mark Chimes

We doff our hat to Vilfredo Pareto

The Pareto Principle is most commonly known as the 80-20 rule. You can read the history and details about it here. It takes little research, and even less experience to know that old Vilfredo was onto something. Like it or not 80% of break/fix circumstances come from 20% of your customer base, or 20% of your equipment fleet. But which 20%?
Posted by Mark Chimes

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