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WORKman 2013 released!

Better than ever!
In keeping with our philosphy to strive for the best we can do, we announced the latest version of ours flagship product, WORKman® 2013, a few weeks ago.

This is one product delivery milestone we are very proud of. Including features rarely seen on products in the CMMS marketspace, WORKman® 2013 combines ease of use with advanced functionality.

Featuring advanced employee accommodation, travel and meals management, impressive parts and purchase order control, multi-location stock control, enviable multi-use grids with unlimited group, sort, filter and layout options, and a host of other new features, we worked hard to bring this version to the market.

You only have to think for a short time to realise that the easier a piece of  software is to use, the more complex it is to code. Keeping a complex suite of modules communicating at all times can be a challenge, but thanks to the n-tier architecture we put in place a few years back, we are yet to find a hurdle we have not been able to cross.

Check it out on our products page, or download the full help file to get a deeper understanding of the strength and range of this extraordinary software application.

Posted by Mark Chimes
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