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Good things come to those who DON'T wait

When I was a small boy my mother taught me to be patient and my father told me not to rush in where angels fear to tread. I think we need to re-think these little cautions.

Remember the last time you entered an old country store and discovered they did not take a credit card? They did not even have a cash register; everything was still paper receipt and a cash box?  Well, that is your business in a few years from now if you do not change your ways.

Running a business, in any industry, at any time, requires a certain amount of courage. There are so many things we could spend our money on in an attempt to decrease our costs or increase our profits that we might be forgiven for not trying anything until it is proven.

Well, I want to make a categorical, line-in-the-sand statement: If you don't make your business operations mobile, you are going to lose.

What do I mean by that?  If you provide goods or services to customers in a retail, wholesale or service industry and you do not migrate your operational processes to a mobile platform, you are going to be left behind your competition.

I'm considered a bit of an old dinosaur in this industry, having started a computer business way back in the early 80's. I've seen a lot of trends come and go. I've seen sure-fire ideas fizzle and starts-ups stop. However, there is one thing that has not changed one little bit: He who dares, wins.

Mobile solutions are here, and they are here to stay. In fact, I predict they will quickly overtake traditional PC computing solutions, which will fade away into the forgotten past like the abacus and the cash register.

Still not convinced? Read the results of a survey into mobility solutions here or download it from here.

Posted by Mark Chimes
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