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Development boom

It's probably no secret that much of Veracity's market is directly or indirectly involved in the mining sector. The mining boom being experienced in Australia has certainly had some flow on effects to us. Over the past twelve months or so there has been a marked increase in demand for our products and services. However, it has been interesting to note that while the mining sector continues to provide a significant portion of our overall work and turn over, it has not kept pace with the growing demand for our development services.

Where, once, more than 80% of our development work was focused on WORKman, our flagship CMMS/EAM application, this is no longer the case. It might be thought that one reason for this is that WORKman is now a mature product with over a decade of history and experience in the marketplace, so one would expect that the development would be tapering off. However, this is far from the truth.

In the last twelve months we have added an even greater number of new innovations and extended functionality to the application, and there is no sign that this is abating. Extensions in social media, document management, equipment service templates and employee licensing and certifications have been completed. This is not to forget the very successful, and well received,"Active" WORKman version that seamlessly integrates WORKman with Active Ink, providing a "form under glass" solution to field workers and mobile staff. The ability for companies to capture validated data in the field with immediate updating of corporate databases has never been more acheivable.

So, while our work in the mobile workforce continues to grow, it is not keeping pace with the increased development work that has come in that targets completely different markets. The demand for sophisticated web applications that link to back office databases has been such that extra resources (both people and infrastructure) have had to be increased. Requests for product development and support are now being received from overseas and global companies, making for a steep learning curve in time management when having a conference call between three different time zones.

Pardon the pun, but we are in the middle of a development boom, and things look to be very busy for the foreseeable future.

Posted by Mark Chimes
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