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Active Ink Distributorship

It is not every day that a significant event occurs in a business.  We recently were awarded the distributorship of Active Ink's range of products for Queensland and the Northern Territory.

This is a significant event for us. The outstanding functionality of Active Ink, and the extraordinary increase in accuracy and process for mobile field staff makes this appointment something we were eager to obtain. We now are able to offer a complete end-to-end mobile field staff solution that is easy to use, and doesn't cost a fortune.

Active Ink's "form under glass" concept means there is almost no training required to get field staff familiar with the product. Your paper forms can now be placed in a tablet PC and staff complete the forms as usual.

Active Ink will validate the data entered ensuring that essential details are captured in the field. Data capture may include barcodes, RFID, GPS co-ordinates, photos, and signatures. Once the form is properly completed, it is emailed back to base via either a wireless LAN or 3G mobile connection. Upon receipt the form is processed and your database, accounting system, CRM, etc are updated.

No more lost jobs, no more forgotten parts, no more timesheets - the list of improvements is almost endless.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your mobile field staff then check out our Active Ink pages or ask us for a demo.

Posted by Mark Chimes
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