Serious software
for people serious about business

Welcome to Veracity Systems

This is where you will find serious software for people serious about their business. More than hype and promises, and much more than "pretty" interfaces.

Our Focus

Quality of design is only one-half of any project. From experience, we recognise that the underlying power of any solution stems from a robust architecture.

Our Team

With this in mind, we have assembled a team of developers and professional associations to build and deploy client functionality, drawing from time-tested "best of breed" principles.

Tactical Advantage

One of our greatest pleasures is to see our customers' eyes opened to new possibilities because of newly-discovered value hidden deep inside their data. Our applications possess a dexterity and manoeuvrability that provides tactical advantage over rising business costs and increasing employee stress.

Why use us?

Veracity Systems recognises the indispensable value of having a powerful, accurate data system in our competitive business world. Today's customers demand more than ever before.

Technologies continue to advance and it is more important than ever to have an accurate, reliable data system that enables you to extend superior service to your customers. Veracity Systems is uniquely suited to build such data systems for you.

Our blog!

The Veracity Systems WORKman blog provides comment on industry standards, best practices and use cases. Read a single blog post or subscribe to them all.

Veracity (ve.rac.i.tee), precise, conforming truthfully, adhering to the facts.

System (sis.tem) n.Interrelated, organised, interacting parts that form a working whole. A condition of harmonious, orderly interaction.
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