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Offer to Resellers

Posted on: 28/02/2013

Field Mobility Solutions for Tablets

Two years ago, Gartner released a prediction that mobility solutions would be a trillion dollar business by 2014. Veracity Systems is an authorised distributor of Active Ink solutions, a mobile solution that improves both the quality and quantity of mobile workers output.
Active Ink
Active Ink provides the following features:
  • “Form under glass” access to data entry for mobile and field workers.
  • Handwriting recognition that turns form input into machine-readable text.
  • Pre-population of drop-down lists, show/hide form sections based on input, radio button, text box and other standard windows controls.
  • Ability to collect GPS (Long/Lat/Altitude), audio, image data into the form.
  • Validation of entered data prior to form closure.
  • Powerful “code-behind” scripting to change the behaviour of the form.
  • Both connected and disconnected models available to suit all environments.
  • Form data returned to all popular back-end databases.
  • XML and PDF versions of the form saved natively within Active Ink.
Reseller Offer
If you are a VAR, ISV or IT reseller, we will provide you with:
  1. A 30 day trial of Active Ink Form Filler that can be installed on every tablet PC prior to shipping to your customer.
  2. A free Contact form that collects new company/contact information and emails XML and PDF copies of the form to entered email addresses. This form may be distributed with the Active Ink trial to provide the customer with an easy introduction to Active Ink. An example can be seen here.
  3. Form design and scripting services to enable you to provide superior solutions to your customers. This may be as simple as providing logo changes, or as complex as multi-page forms data-driven by back-end SQL CE databases.
  4. 10% margin on sales of Active Ink’s range of products.
  5. 20% margin on Active Ink Annual Improvement Maintenance and Support (AIMS) products
  6. Generous margins (up to 30%) on any form development or form data integration services you would like us to supply.
The form development and form data integration services provide an exciting opportunity for you to up-sell a new solution that has not been available until now.
These solutions are suitable for single operators like electricians, plumbers, and real estate property managers all the way up to large multi-national corporations.  Veracity Systems currently has users in all market tiers, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide a superior solution to your resellers.
We want to make it clear to you that we do not sell hardware, and we are not interested in “stealing” your customers; we have a strong preference to work through you to increase both your and our sales.
More information is available from the following links, or of course via phone or email.
The 30 day trial of Active Ink Form Filler may be downloaded from our web site at and the Contact form may be found at the same location.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss this offer in more detail.
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